Table Tennis Skills 10/11/12
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Club's Mission

Prerequisite: None
This series of courses are designed to take student from beginning to intermediate/advanced level of table tennis playing, developing skills while cultivating interest into the sport. This course covers rules/rating/umpiring, history/current trend, equipment/standards, stroke/form, footwork/agility, tactics/philosophy as well as running/managing tournaments. As an offtimetable course, student will be required to attend a number of after-school training sessions, inter/intramural/community tournaments, lessons/assignments in a moodle course, as well as getting their skills evaluated during flex sessions.

Learn to Play

Watch these videos to get you started

Play to Excel

Lunch Rally

Join a friendly rally at R2162 (the "pong-foo-ter lab" every lunch) to improve your skill through drill, rally and Friday-mini-tourney

Wednesday Practice Session

Get a good workout by playing Wednesday evening from 7-9pm at mini-gym (see schedule below)

REGISTER for the session by emailing Mr. Chen,

CMS Table Tennis Club

Ms. Nip runs table tennis club in Chilliwack Middle School, it's good to start building your skill from early on.

Abbostford Table Tennis Club

When playing at intermediate/advanced level, you may want to visit the Table Tennis Club at Abbostford for new challenges.

Game rally excel,