Planning 10
Plan your future now

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Course Info

Course Name: Planning 10 Hybrid course
Course Code: PL10 Hybrid
Course Credits: 2 for ConnectEd + 4 for Planning 10
Time Table: Semester
Course Prerequisite: none
Note: *Planning 10 is a required course for Dogwood Diploma (high school graduation requirement)

Course Summary

Welcome to Planning 10. Planning 10 is an introductory Online course implemented by the B.C. Ministry of Education to promote Career Exploration, Computer Skills and Healthy Living. At Chilliwack Secondary this is a required course for graduation and must be successfully completed. This hybrid course combines on-line and practical applications while utilizing guest speakers and community involvement. Planningn10 provides relevant and experiential learning opportunities, helping students relate their learning in school to the demands of the working world and the expectations of society. It also provides opportunities for students to develop those skills, attitudes, and behaviours that will allow them to manage their lives more purposefully and effectively, enhance their personal well-being and realize their full potential.

Course Design

Through FVDES, student will first complete a ConnectED, a short course which helps them to familiarize with tools required for completing online course. Students then go ahead with Planning 10 hybrid.
Planningn10 is broken down with four modules: Health, Finance, Career, and graduation program.
In a hybrid class setting, students works in-class on online materials, their progress are closely monitored and help is given promptly to ensure success of every student. Student could work ahead of the master schedule for each week. At end of each week, student who fail to complete the required work will be assigned to lunch work-groups until missing work is completed; student skipped lunch work-group will be referred to school administrators.