ICTM11 - Print & Web Design 11
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Course Info

Course Name: Print and Web Design 11
Course Code: ICTM11
Course Credits: 4 Credits
Time Table: Semester
Course Prerequisite: None
Sequel Courses: ICTM12, Yearbook 11, Yearbook 12, Yearbook Photographer IDS
Course Summary: Learning layout skill needed for designing print and website.

Course Summary/Design

The course has its focus on giving critical training on areas of Digital Photography, Digital Layout Making, Digital Video Editing and Website Composition. In this course, students will acquire a certain degree of mastery with the following software: Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere and Dreamweaver (these are industrial standard software for any company that deals with digital contents). The design of this course aligns with the software training requirement for Yearbook 11/12. Students with ICTM11 completed will be a great asset for Yearbook 11, or any other digital or print media production career choice. Students with an interest in Yearbook 11 should take ICTM 11 prior or with Yearbook 11.

Course Promo Videos: (PWD = 201412)

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